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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Fourth Estate

My most recent show is open, and there's press. I'm posting links below, along with my favorite line from each article. Enjoy!

An L.A. Times feature on the playwright (published before the show opened)
My favorite line: "In [the playwright's] upstate New York country house, he has a collection of wigs that he offers to let his guests wear. 'Give me the straightest guy,' he boasts, 'and he'll be in a beehive by midnight.'"

An Orange County Register feature drawn from an interview with the director
Favorite line: "[The script is] carefully constructed to give the appearance of recklessness. It's brilliantly constructed to have a feeling of abandon."

And the L.A. Times review, the first review of work at my theatre by the Times' new heavyweight critic.
Favorite line: "What's most satisfying to report is the way Whitty takes a premise that could easily have amounted to a revue sketch — a series of gags of diminishing returns — and transforms it with his giddy wit and fertile inventiveness into a genuine play. "

The OC Register review isn't available online yet, but if they post it I'll link to it later. Enjoy!


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