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Monday, March 27, 2006

knocking off projects

One by one, over the past week I've completed several big projects that were commanding large shares of my outside-work time and attention.

First, I signed on with a professional property manager to rent out and manage my townhouse in Georgia. I made the appropriate insurance arrangements and faxed the signed agreement to her last week, so between reading plays today I'll be calling her to make sure she has everything she needs, and see whether there's anything more I need to do from here.

Second, I finished two baby afghans for two friends of mine who are expecting their respective first children this May. One lives in Oregon and one lives in Pennsylvania; both are women I became close to through the online community I've participated in for nearly ten years. So I mailed the boxes off last week, thinking "These women's husbands are going to think this is so weird, getting baby gifts from their wives' imaginary friend..."

And third, I finally got the last copy of an errant 1099 form, and send my tax materials off to the wonderful woman in Atlanta who has prepared my taxes for the past two years. She has a line of business doing tax returns for artists, and can even do my California state forms since some of her other clients need them too. Since this is the first year I'll have the full tax benefit of owning real estate, I'm particularly looking forward to hearing from her.

Back to work for now...


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