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Monday, February 20, 2006

musical misplacement

The Pacific Chorale rehearses on Monday nights. Due to a series of work and travel conflicts, I've attended only about half of the rehearsals since New Year's.

When I sang with PC last fall, I was unexpectedly placed in the lowest women's voice part. So when I came back this winter after the break, I rejoined at the same place.


Tonight I finally got a look at the seating chart for the alto section. It lists not only who should stand where, but who should sing what part when the music becomes more and more complex. This document was dated a month ago.

Well. Apparently now I am supposed to be singing the highest alto voice part. So I've been rehearsing the wrong parts for a month, including singing in the entire wrong choir on some double-choir stuff.

Oy. The higher placement is more in keeping with my musical history, though I didn't mind singing the lowest parts either. It's just a bit of a pain in the butt that I've wasted some valuable rehearsal time singing the wrong lines, and that nobody brought this fact to my attention.


In other news, I'm back from Utah. Which was beautiful, but snowy and tiring. Having today off from work was a Very Good Thing.


At 10:16 AM , Blogger Colleen said...

why (and where) were you in Utah? I found a hilarious email yesterday from you while going through old papers and I have to send you the contents. It completely cracked me up!

At 10:33 AM , Blogger meeegan said...

That will be fun! I'll look forward to receiving it.

I was in your former stomping grounds, Cedar City. The Kennedy Center/ACTF regional festival was hosted by Southern Utah University, and I was there to spread world domination by dramaturgy.

At 6:59 AM , Blogger Benjamin said...

O for the dramaturgs to rule - philosopher kings (and queens) indeed!

Tonight is the final night of performance week for the ASOC and the Verdi Requiem. This is the firt time Wanda and I have ever performed it - turns out it's a hell of a sing! Even better, we take it to Carnegie Hall next weekend (and yes, there has been a staggering amuont of practice) to scream at some Yankees for a few hours (always entertaining).

Anyway, er... at least you'll get some good sight-singing practice?


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