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Friday, February 03, 2006

mechanical updates

My heating system behaved itself last night -- turned on, turned off, otherwise didn't make a fuss, and it was in the right temperature zone when I got up this morning.

My new cell phone has arrived [thank you UPS], but will need to be charged for 24 hours before I ought to use it. So, I'm figuring I'll charge it overnight and tomorrow, then spend some quality time Sunday programming numbers into it.

Ben, I'm deeply amused that you called me on the very day my phone took off for parts unknown. :-) But I still got your message!


At 9:54 PM , Blogger Benjamin said...

Mosey over to the companion site for a full explanation. In short - my bad!

I might suggest counter-measures such as tethering the phone to your person using some sort of high-tensile-strength carabiner...

At 7:26 AM , Blogger Colleen said...

Now that you have an operational phone, try to give me a call on Sunday? We had a health breakdown on Thursday after last we spoke, but all is well now.

At 2:03 PM , Blogger meeegan said...

OK C, I'll christen my phone with a call to you tomorrow. (now in hour 15 of 24-hour charging...)


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