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Monday, January 21, 2008

more pretty, less mess

The bedroom is put back together. And I must say, I'm quite pleased with how it looks! The test patch revealed that I had originally bought too intense a color, so I picked up a gallon of plain white and mixed it in. That had just the effect I was looking for. Now the furniture is back in place, pictures and so forth re-hung, bed remade. I keep going back in there just for the pleasure of looking at it.

I'm not a crafty enough painter to get into faux finishes or anything complicated like that. Maybe in another lifetime. But the paint job is clean, smooth and fresh looking. I was a little concerned that the new wall color would make the dings and scuffs on the painted baseboards stand out, but because most of my furniture sits along the walls in there, I don't notice the baseboards at all.

I'm willing to paint baseboards in a home I own. Not so much in a place I rent. And since the place I own has baseboards that are varnished natural wood instead of paint, I don't even have to do that! Though I approved the tenants repainting the entryway (they got rid of the rose pink I put in there, which I liked but I realized was an idiosyncratic choice) I've forbidden them to paint any of the woodwork, just in case.

Mental note, though: it's a bad idea to move my bed by myself. No grave harm done, but I am reminded that it's fundamentally a smart choice to get help moving items that are heavier than you are.

No more painting will happen until at least next weekend, so for now, corners of the living room are dedicated to storage of paint and painting equipment. Not the most aesthetic addition to my decor, but at least it's temporary, and all for the greater good.


At 10:04 AM , Blogger Colleen said...


sorry, i can't resist a chance to quote "hot fuzz". i can't wait to see all the new colors when i get there.

At 9:48 PM , Blogger Benjamin said...

Just imagine the conversational path when you have guests, though! Oh the paint? Let me show you! Besides, everybody who is anybody is storing paint in their house. We have some ourselves fresh from the painted closet for the great studio redo.

Can't wait to see it. I'll be happy to help with the phone camera, if you like? :)

Also, how's life with tenants? Everything going OK there? We're still clinging to the vague hope that some day you will come to reside there once again...


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