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Thursday, January 10, 2008

post for yesterday

It was actually quite a productive day, but all that productivity left no time for blogging. By the time I got home following my show's third preview, shortly after midnight, I was too tired to turn the computer on. Straight to bed for me. (Ben, this means I still owe you email -- it may be a few more days.)

Since I'm working in the evenings this week, I've taken the mornings off. Hence, I'm sitting in my living room at 9:40 a.m., wrapped in the enormous blue fleece jacket my parents brought me from their cruise in Alaska a couple of years ago, just contemplating taking a shower and getting ready for work. I'll float back and forth between the office and the rehearsal call this afternoon, then attend the fourth and final preview tonight. I don't expect to take many notes tonight, but it's still important that I see it to give the playwright and director the feedback they want and the encouragement they need.

Those two had a tough time earlier this week. The director is extremely sensitive, and the playwright is not terribly diplomatic when giving notes. This was a bad combo to start with, but it got much worse when the playwright started feeling like the director's attention was never available. Thus, playwright got that much more aggressive about giving notes, started giving notes to the actors without the director knowing about it (bad bad idea), and lots of feelings got hurt.

Hence, I finally got them both to the table at the hotel bar next door to the theatre after Tuesday night's preview, and with some prompting and prodding, they started to fix it. Yesterday was much better, and I think we're on the road to a happy opening night.

Personally, as much as I'm looking forward to opening night, I'm also looking forward to having the bulk of my work on this show finished. Between final rehearsals, previews, seeing J*'s show, and my choral music commitments, I haven't had a night off since Jan. 2. I'll have this Sat. and Sun. evenings off, unless something comes up, and then I'm booked again till next Fri. the 18th. Things open out a little after that.

I've finished my coffee. Time to wash the breakfast dishes and have that shower. Y'all have a wonderful day!


At 12:34 PM , Blogger Cristopher said...

coffee?! see what odd things people notice? I mean, the rest of your post is interesting, and I'm looking forward to trying the recipe for Drunken Cauliflower, just for the name if nothing else... and the first thing I have to comment on is that you are back to supporting Juan Valdez and his pet burro.

I, having a 10-week-old child, have personally recently paid for a new blanket for the aforementioned burro. heh.

At 12:53 PM , Blogger meeegan said...

Oh yes, I flung myself headlong off the caffeine wagon a while ago. When I first moved to California, my commute to work was long and boring enough that I got drowsy behind the wheel. I brought coffee back into my life to combat that unsafe condition.

Now, I live in a different location, my commute is better, but I'm still taking two cups of coffee in the mornings. Happily, no side effects are in evidence.

So when are you going to post some fresh baby pix of little Z?

At 3:08 PM , Blogger Benjamin said...

No worries about e-mail responses - I still owe you my co-blogging project ideas, come to think on it. You take care of what you need to do, and I'll just send mental hugs out your way!

At 6:30 AM , Blogger Cynthia said...

I now feel better about reading your blog at 9:26am, knowing I need to get in the shower and get on to business. Okay - now I'll go wash my breakfast dishes and get going. I miss you.


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