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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Conveyor Belt Sushi

That's what my lunch companion today called the restaurant where we went to satisfy my tofu craving. And the sushi dishes, edamame, iced sake, shabu shabu dunkables and individual cellophane-wrapped desserts that were very mysterious to uneducated Western eyes, were all in fact on a conveyor belt that went around and around and around at eye level. It was dizzying, but cute.

The wave of sushi broke over the U.S. a couple of years after I became a vegetarian. So I've never had proper sushi or sashimi. Many of my friends pity me greatly in this regard. But hey, I literally don't know what I'm missing!

So my lunch was really good miso soup and tofu salad, with most of an order of vegetable roll to take home for dinner. Even though everything is in small dishes, it's really easy to order too much food at Conveyor Belt Sushi.

The conversation ranged from industry shop talk to reading habits (which is almost shop talk for me) to adoption proceedings, since one of our coworkers is just about to return home from China with her husband and their newly adopted daughter. I was very happy to discover that they've been blogging about the experience. I hope to share the URL with a cousin who is heading into the Chinese adoption process with her husband later in the year.

And speaking of cousins, I heard from a semi-distant cousin today. My father has a cousin who settled out here on the West Coast, and one of his kids emailed me this afternoon. I hope to get together with her soon. My dad grew up in close proximity with his cousins, so the bonds there are strong. They are totally charming people (no, I'm not biased) so I fully anticipate that the charm has worked its way down into the next generation.


At 2:42 PM , Blogger Benjamin said...

Before you left we had discussed the possibility of your adding seafood to your diet once you got to your coastal posting - were you to do so you could experience the joy of sushi... any more consideration on that matter (as my dad would say, "in your copious spare time")?

At 3:26 PM , Blogger meeegan said...

Yeah, I'm still thinking about it, but I have to block off time to be sick, just in case. So far I haven't had that time available.

At 3:49 AM , Blogger Lee Wright said...

we have one of the conveyor belt systems I got to for lunch, wow is fish expensive. Sushi is great but I think more people have trouble with the texture of it rather than the taste. If you have trouble with it, push on through it gets so much better.



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