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Monday, August 29, 2005

To everything, Turner, Turner, Turner

My friend Turner visited over the weekend. I have odd patches of sunburn and excellent memories as a result of this visit. Turner and I worked together on a project last spring that involved his co-writing a play with another friend of ours. Since Turner was traveling hither and yon while the writing progressed, a lot of our collaboration happened by phone and email. It was great to get to spend some quality time in person now.

One highlight of the weekend: seeing Jefferson Mays in I Am My Own Wife at La Jolla Playhouse. All the awards this play and actor have won are richly deserved, in my professional opinion. We also had Belgian food, which was a savory first for me, and spent a golden afternoon on the beach. Turner is a sun worshipper who, despite deep British family background, inexplicably tans as the day winds on. I, on the other hand, take on closer and closer resemblance to a cooked lobster. Something tells me that living in California is going to teach me a lot about the even application of SPF30.

Twas a long day today, after Turner headed off to L.A. and then the beginning of the drive back east. I enjoyed my first rehearsal with the Pacific Chorale, working on Carmina Burana (which many members of the ensemble have sung many times before) and Stephen Paulus' Voices of Light. I was surprised to be placed in the second alto section, but whatever! I pride myself on being able to contribute to any section, and given how poorly I auditioned, I'm not going to draw further attention to myself just yet.

Tomorrow, an exploration of what a Companion Blog is. And for you Firefly fans, it's not what you might think. Sorry. :-)


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