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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

bread, then bed

A rainy evening is a good time to make soda bread. It probably wouldn't be too kind to yeasted bread, but soda bread is hardier. And heck, it's Irish cuisine -- they're the people to turn to for recipes that work when it's wet and cold.

So this evening I made three loaves, then ran to the nearby grocery store for a jar of honey to go with them. Cut the mostly-cooled loaves into wedges, wrapped them up in foil, and handed the whole package off to the agreed deliveryperson I mentioned in yesterday's post. Done!

The rest of the evening has only held putzing. I paid a couple of bills, reread the first several months of this blog, answered some email, didn't answer other email. I had thought I might prep the hallway for painting, but I don't think the spackle would dry well as the rain comes down outside. It can wait till Saturday morning.

Good night, y'all!


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