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Monday, February 26, 2007

Principle: Show Up.

Nothing demonstrates commitment and support like actual attendance. Appearance. Being There.

When something important is going on in the family... show up. Example: flying to DC this weekend for Drew's christening.

When something big is going on for a friend... show up. Failed example: not going to friend W.'s wedding to his beloved B., because financial and emotional energy were both too drained at that moment.

When something politically or artistically large is going on... show up.

When work is hard... show up.

When you are tired or money is tight... show up anyway.

And there's a corollary here: Keep Showing Up. Example: after a couple of years of writing recommendations for a playwright friend of mine, I saw that writer enter a prestigious graduate playwriting program this past fall. Now I need to Keep Showing Up by emailing that writer every now and again, just to check on how things are going. My support shouldn't stop just because the writer has gotten into the program; in fact, after my own bloodbath in graduate school, I know that extra demonstrations of caring and support may help that writer finish that program!


At 8:10 PM , Blogger ~c. said...

Yes...golly, I pastor two churches that aren't good at showing up. God bless you as you keep showing up.


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