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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My home, not the blog. Last weekend, I moved house. As Murphy's Law of Moving would have it, that was of course the hottest day yet this year.

Nevertheless, the move went smoothly and I am happy with my new location. Five days later I have unpacked enough to sleep comfortably, dress reasonably and prepare food in my new apartment. Decoration and the large task of unpacking books still await.

And wait they shall, until I get back from the trip I embark on tomorrow. It'll be brief, just a few days. (And I feel like I should crib La Jersild's claims of feral watchcats and well-armed neighbors protecting my place while I'm gone. Yadda yadda, don't bother trying to burgle me, you won't make any significant money on the deal and it'll piss me off.)

When I come back, I will tell you about things like:

- my terrific week of vacation, which began with a visit from my parents and ended with a 90th birthday party for my grandfather
- Erin's fantastic haircut and cool glasses -- she has really transformed her look, and the results are terrific
- news of Nephew 2.0, and the changing life of Nephew 1.0
- a link to Joe's MySpace profile and the blog he's keeping there
- my new neighborhood and neighbors

But for now, I have to sign off and pack, so that I'll be ready to head to the airport at (ulp!) 5:15 tomorrow morning.

Hasta luego, kids.


At 10:35 AM , Blogger Quev said...

Congratulations on your new place! Sorry you had to move during the beastly heat. We've been hearing about California's heat wave even out here...where we've been dealing with our own heat wave.


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