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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

jean-pierre rampal!

It's code. If you don't understand it at first sight, don't worry about it. Just know that my nearest and dearest are making identical gestures and exclamations of joy, wherever they may be.

Once they're finished with the gesture and the exclamation, they may well wonder, "Why, pray tell, has she pushed the Famous French Flautist button? What deserves this level of instantaneous celebration?" Well, I'll tell you.

I have a tenant!!

After nearly a year of carrying the expenses of two households on one paycheck, and after an extremely unsuccessful first shot at a professional property management relationship followed by an equally unsuccessful few months of trying to get the place rented myself from 2,800 miles away, my new property management relationship has paid off. Last week my property manager called me to tell me that she had an application on my townhouse. I was able to answer her one remaining question over the weekend, so now the way is clear and the rent should start arriving next month!

I say again: Jean-Pierre Rampal!!!

This, however, is not the only good news. Last week I got to tell a playwright that my company wanted to produce his/her play, and tell another one that we wanted to commission a new play from him/her. That's the fairy godmother act that I always enjoy performing. Most of my job consists of telling playwrights "No, thank you." Among all that, the occasional chance to say Yes tastes incredibly sweet.

This week, my assistant K* is getting married. She'll be out of the office for the next three weeks, preparing for the wedding which will take place this Friday night, then enjoying her honeymoon. The person she's marrying is named Person. Seriously. His last name is Person. I don't know whether her in-laws refer to themselves collectively as the Persons or the People. (I fervently hope the latter, but somehow doubt it.) Anyway, when she comes back, she will be, legally, a Person. This amuses me to no end. (Not that that's difficult.)

More good news, more good news... my parents' show is up and running well, after lots of very hard work on their parts. And I'm sure, on other people's parts. My brother is getting offers of freelance work left, right and center.

So, before I do it again, I will give you one clue.

All together now...



At 8:29 AM , Blogger Erin said...


At 8:44 AM , Blogger Shannnnnon said...

For those in the Muppet un-initiated population, I will attempt to explain the "Jean Pierre Rampal!"
At the beginning of each episode, Kermit excitedly announced the name of their guest star, followed by "Yaaaay!" with arms fully extended and flailing wildly over his little green head.
We occasionally found reruns of The Muppet Show during our teen years, after we had been introduced to the genius of JPR (long after being introduced to the genius of the Muppets), we found this conjunction of gleeful abandon and a classical flautist a memorable expression of joy, and funny too boot. Since, it has become a way for us to express that feeling of simple wonder and joy in shorthand.

At 1:00 PM , Blogger meeegan said...

And there you have it! Now the initiated and the un- can all imagine my family members crying "Yaaaay!" and flailing their arms over their little green heads.


At 8:01 PM , Blogger Benjamin said...

All of this is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous indeed - Atlanta is a-bedlam with joy!

My own muppet memories include Alice Cooper (I swear to god, Alice Cooper, the death metal rocker, was on the Muppet Show) singing "Welcome to My Nightmare", and Paul Simon espousing the fact that there are 50 Ways to Love your Lever (holding a long stick in his hand)...

Nice handle, Shannnnnnnnnnnnon - lots of smiles involved with this post!

Jean Pierre Rampal, indeed!

At 5:20 AM , Blogger Sam Brady said...

I remember Mac Davis on the Muppet Show singing "Baby Don't get Hooked On Me" underwater, to a Muppet mermaid.

At 6:08 AM , Blogger Shannnnnon said...

We could riff on best Muppet moments forever, but Colleen would have to weigh in. She is the Muppet maven.
Best Muppet moments for me: Harry Belefonte singing "We Come From the Fire"; John Denver (doing anything); and The Muppets alone doig "Rubber Band Man"

At 6:42 AM , Blogger Colleen said...

hello. how could you leave out Danny Kaye and "Inchworm", or Robin alone on the stage singing "Halfway Up the Stairs", or ANY "Vetrinarian's Hospital" or "!" moment. Link Hogthrob was awesome. All uninitiated can learn more about the Muppet characters (and what skits they were involved in) at You can also follow up on current Muppet news at Become an Initiated...

And of course, "It's Not Easy Being Green".

At 6:43 AM , Blogger Colleen said...

p.s. I do not have a little green head. On the outside.

At 8:22 AM , Blogger Erin said...

Sorry to one-up Colleen on anything Muppet-ish, but ... "Inchworm" was performed by Charles Aznavour, not the late-and-much-lamented Danny Kaye. And I'm right there with ShannmmmmQnon about Harry Belafonte's guest turn (which, in addition to "Turn The World Around," also included a you-can-imagine-how-fun rendition of "Day-O" with the Muppet ensemble). Other faves: Rita Moreno singing "Fever" with Animal doing his thing, which only he ever understood, on the drums; Elton John and Miss Piggy dueting on "Don't Go Breaking My Heart;" Joel Grey and the gang doing "Razzle Dazzle" -- and anytime the Swedish Chef opened his mouth, bork bork bork!!

At 9:30 AM , Blogger meeegan said...

Oh, and now the family obsession is revealed. Welcome to the fold!

Where's Joe?

(E/S -- four Ms and a silent Q! I keep waiting for that to turn up as the word verification combo.)

At 12:21 PM , Blogger Tripp Hudgins said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

"Lady of Spain" anyone?

Waha! I love that show.


We need to bring back the theater critics. That would help everyone out of their current cinematic fixations.


At 1:17 PM , Blogger Colleen said...

showing my age - who the hell is Charles Aznavour???

Lady of Spain - good pull, Megan!

I just read today that they are coming out with a Season One Ultimate DVD package, and it's supposed to ROCK. Very excited. VERY EXCITED.


At 2:08 PM , Blogger Benjamin said...

I find it heartening that the longest comment thread of any blog here yet is almost entirely dedicated to the muppets.

I wonder if anyone has cataloged the stupendous array of disasters, mishaps, accidents and general mayhems which befell Gonzo while attempting to end the opening song on a high note...

And now "Pigs in Space" has brought to mind "Jews in Space" a la Mel Brooks, with the Hasidic looking fellows flying around in an overly-mechanized star of david (typed that first as "tsar of david")... but I fear this comments post becoming tangential to the point of asymptoticallness...

At 2:54 PM , Blogger meeegan said...


Colleen, Tripp deserves the credit for "Lady of Spain" -- it's in his comment.

Re Charles Aznavour, here's a Salon article about him:

Or, if you'd rather read about him en Francais, here is a link to le site officiel du Charles Aznavour:

Apparemment, il a un nouvel album maintenant.

At 9:16 AM , Blogger Erin said...

Oh dear, now I will have the marvelously mischievous Muppet version of "Lady of Spain" echoing in my head all day long ...
"Tuning up: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, owwwwww!!"
You all probably know the rest.

At 12:18 PM , Blogger Colleen said...

Sorry, Tripp, apparently the heady combination of Muppets and pregnancy negated my once-powerful reading comprehension skills.

At 7:46 AM , Blogger Tripp Hudgins said...

C- It is totally fine. After a while we all look like Pigs in Space. It happens.

E - Yeah...I woke up in the middle of the night with it in my head. Now John Denver and Kermit are serenading me.

Really, it's fine. You know, I have a picture of John Denver in my guitar case. When I gig I take him out and set him against the amp. His picture is an icon for the band.

Who know.


At 6:57 PM , Blogger Colleen said...

we talked about this at dinner tonight and came up with more moments. The Hunting Party when they sang "For What It's Worth" (Buffalo Springfield - "stop children, what's that sound...everybody look what's going 'round..." )(Mom), and the penguins "dancing" (aka - jumping) to "Cecilia" when Paul Simon was the host (and which is the first dance I recall "doing" with my little brother, who is still silent here...
Also, in response to Benjamin - lo, the many horrors which befell Gonzo, even only during the opening theme each week! I expect that my friend Steve Spishak could list all the Gonzo-happenings. And how is it that no one has mentioned Fozzie Bear here (No he's a-not, he's a-wearing a neckatie!)

At 1:07 PM , Blogger Cristopher said...

And, in an almost completely muppetational non-sequitur, I'm hearing Schoolhouse Rock in my head over your assistant's upcoming nuptuals.

"dah, dah, dah... We, the People, in order to form a more perfect union..."

* * * * *

While I'm passing on news, dear readers, you probably don't know that Meeegan stood up with me at my wedding to the lovely and talented Kristina some half-a-score years ago now. Meeegan, (not to make you feel old, but...) the junior bridesmaid in that wedding (my sister Elizabeth) is getting married on Saturday.

And I get to officiate.
...wait for it...
Jean-Pierre Rampal!


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