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Monday, April 09, 2007

half kicked out

Blogging suffered while I was opening the second of my two overlapping shows this spring -- today was the day for savage reviews to come in. I'm not providing links. Feh upon them.

But the title of this posting doesn't refer to my professional life. Instead, it's connected to a recent choice about Pacific Chorale. We're preparing for a two-part concert: Vaughan Williams' A Sea Symphony and Golijov's Oceana.

Last Monday night's rehearsal was an unmitigated disaster. The conductor told us he was going to call an extra rehearsal for this Wednesday night (unfortunately, a night I could not attend because I have to work late).

Then tonight when I arrived at rehearsal, one of the other singers told me that the artistic director had decided to have the Golijov be performed by a smaller choir from within our ranks. Those singers had already received emails asking them to do the piece. I received no such email.

I don't know whether I wasn't invited to sing the piece because I wasn't doing well enough in rehearsal, or because my rehearsal conflict with Wednesday night was already known. Either way, it works out the same -- I'm only singing the Sea Symphony.

Now, I really hope that Sea Symphony is first on the program.


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