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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

hamster on the wheel

These past few weeks I have been running as fast as my little feet will carry me. I had two plays in rehearsal at the same time, a challenge I will not relish seeing again any time in the near future. I had houseguests, dear friends whom I was truly glad to share quarters with while they were in town working on a project. I had various levels of minor illness, culminating with the present unpleasantness of having a little cut in my gum from an errant popcorn kernel, big inflammation, hurts to eat or talk, hoping it will take care of itself and not require a visit to the dentist in the next couple of days. I have generally been Overworked and Overstimulated with a capital O-O.

So where am I writing this from? Work. Of course.

Tonight and tomorrow night I'm facilitating post-show discussions with the audience for the first of the two plays that is now up in its run.

The actors are lovely. I predict that the audience will also be lovely. I'm good at these discussions, can do them in my sleep.

But I would rather be actually sleeping, thank you!


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