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Friday, December 08, 2006

two out of three tenors

I think I posted early this fall about performing with Pacific Chorale in a concert that featured Placido Domingo as the headliner. (Who knew Sr. Domingo had a website?)

Now, we didn't sing with Maestro Domingo. We sang the opening two pieces of the concert, then Domingo came on and sang a song cycle with the orchestra while we sat very, very quietly in the choral stalls.

But this weekend, I'm singing with a group from Pacific Chorale and Cal State University - Fullerton, as the Pips to Andrea Bocelli's Gladys Knight. (And he too has a website! Must be the thing to do when one is an international opera superstar these days.)

He's singing a mixed program -- happily for me, none of it is in German -- mostly Italian and a little French. There are places where we sing with him a lot, and other pieces where we sing four measures out of the whole thing.

But even when we're not singing... we get to listen to Bocelli, for free. What's not to love?


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